"You were

designed to move, let me remind you how."

Jessica LaFalce 

Physical Therapy and Primal Vinyasa™ Trained

Yoga Therapist

"Make the most of yourself, for       that is all there is of you."



Nice to meet you!



Hi there! I'm Jessica and welcome to MVMT THERAPY.

Here you will find the integration of modern and traditional forms of body reading and movement therapy for a truly individualized approach to your yoga practice and more.


I have been practicing physical therapy since 2007 and it was during my first training in myofascial release , that I experienced first hand the potency of  body, heart and mind  congruence for holistic healing.

That revelation sparked in me an insatiable quest for knowledge and the undertaking of my first yoga training at Healsci Yoga School. There I trained for 500 hrs with a focus in myofascial anatomy and received a certification in body rolling.

My most recent journey of continued education has provided me with the honor of becoming a certified Primal Vinyasa™️ teacher and with it, the ability to gracefully merge yoga and physical therapy into a practice that is simultaneously modern and ancient.

I am deeply passionate about empowering my students, and patients to a place of self sufficiency and long lasting vitality. Understanding your unique human design is the first step towards achieving that mission statement.

I so look forward to meeting and guiding you on your journey to self awareness, love and healing.

"You were designed to move let me remind you how." 

Jessica LaFalce PTA, Yoga Therapist



"ALIGN" @ The Yoga Shack (Sarasota,FL)

This is a functional vinyasa flow that I have crafted to incorporate the fundamentals of a vinyasa class with an emphasis on physical therapy based alignment for optimal function and form in each pose.

Props are used in every class making this class suitable for all levels.

60 minutes

80-85 degrees heated

THU @ 12:00

SAT @ 11:00

ONLINE classes:

"FLOW" and "Unity Flow" via Primal Vinyasa Yoga (times are EST)

"Flow" is a functional vinyasa flow that incorporates the therapeutic elements of Primal Vinyasa Yoga.

"Unity Flow" is a 1/2 gentle flow, 1/2 restorative yoga class.

60 minutes.

FRI @ 3:00 

SUN @ 2:00


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