Hello gorgeous and welcome to Sacred Center; my 6 part workshop series designed to educate and empower you to the deep trusting and inner knowing of your gifts, your power, your vulnerability, your voice and your authenticity when you understand, appreciate, honor, live and love from your root, your womb, your Sacred Center.

I'm here to show your inner compass and guide you to your unique sacred center through breath, meditation, movement, journaling, live group Zoom calls and more.  

I'm here to remind you that you are capable, complex, beautiful, worthy, and whole. 

I'm here to remind you that when you come home to your body you have agency to reclaim any lost, forgotten or abandoned pieces of you. And when you take ownership of all of you, you can show appreciation, respect, honor and love to your body, your heart, your mind, your WHOLE self. 

When you show yourself your own love, you are fully equipped to show up in radiant light and love for your "P's": partnerships, people and planet.

Yeah, I just said you can change the world by coming home to your root and loving on yourself.

Let me show you how.

S A C R E D     C E N T E R

Sacredfrom Latin "sacer" meaning holy, also, connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose, thus deserving great respect.

Center: from Greek "kentron" stationary point of a pair of compasses'" The most important place in the respect specified.

So there you have it; your "Sacred Center" is quite simply the most important part of your body deserving divine respect.

Not enough evidence for you?: Did you know that the tip of your sacrum is a part of your pelvic floor and that the ancient Romans called the sacrum os sacrum meaning "holy bone" and the ancient Greeks called it hieron osteon meaning "temple or sacred place"?

Your pelvic bowl (and all of your lady bits therein) is a place to be revered, respected, heck, even worshipped (as in some Tantric traditions). Yet too often in modern and patriarchal driven cultures, we are taught to cover up, ignore and be ashamed of the very thing that makes us uniquely able to create and live a fulfilling life. Quite frankly, this is bananas and no way for a goddess sister queen such as yourself to live your one gorgeously unique and wonderful life.

Can I get an amen?!

Can I get an ah-woman?!


This 6 week masterclass is for you if:

  • You have been/or have bouts of feeling stuck, stagnant, depleted, drained, and/or resentful.

  • You are in a caregiving position (teacher, healthcare, full time mom, etc.) and make time for everyone else with your needs last on the list.... if ever.

  • You feel like there's something missing in your life or like there could be more but you don't know what "it" is.

  • You have moments of doubting yourself: worth, strength, enough-ness.

  • You desire a deeper connection with your partner or you are seeking love outside of yourself.

  • You are curious about your pelvic floor muscles and want to learn how to strengthen/relax them.

  • You used to be creative (or want to be) and find inspiration difficult to come by.

  • You yearn to feel radiant again (or for the 1st time) and don't know how/where to start.

  •  You want to increase your energy levels and connection with yourself, and interpersonal relationships for a meaningful and impactful life.

What is included:


What you can expect to take away from this 6 week masterclass

  • Empowerment and agency from understanding the unique anatomy of your pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs and how they play an integral role of support as a part of your deepest core.

  • Deep connection to Spirit, Source, Creator, God. Whatever you call that "thing" that is bigger than you, you will find deeper connection to "it", yourself and all of your interpersonal relationships as you understand the connection to the elements through your womanhood.

  • Understanding of your root, sacral and solar plexus chakra energetic centers and how to harness and hone their elemental qualities to feel supported, fluid and confident during times of difficulty/stress.

  • Validation and support for all of your emotions and how to navigate an emotional storm with fortitude and grace.

  • Re-ignition and remembrance of your sensuality and how to invite/invoke all of your senses to foster an environment of creation from a place of fulfillment and joy instead of obligation and expectation.

  • Appreciation of your menstrual cycles as you understand how to work with the phases of your cycle to optimize energy and your creations.(*note: even if you are no longer bleeding, as a woman, you still energetically shift with the seasons and the moon so this work will be relevant for you.)

  • Playful connection to Spirit, Earth and yourself as you allow yourself to embrace your sensuality through dance.

  •  Fully embracing your beauty as you claim your radiance, vibrance and splendor as a woman lit up by her worth and wholeness.

  • Attraction of those people, situations and relationships that are in your highest and best good as you get clear about what lights you up from your Sacred Center.

"As women, we belong in a sacred space. Our female bodies are sacred, we carry the future for our daughters and sons, and we have the potential to change the limiting patterns from the generations that went before us. The creative life force moves through us. When we remember this movement is sacred, we remember the wild in ourselves-this raw and blessed spirit that is uniquely feminine-and in doing so find our expression, our own celebration of life."  -Tami Kent

  • Unlimited and lifetime access to the Sacred Center Vault. 

  • The "Vault" is a 6 part series of self paced learning modules. Each module has "lessons" which are comprised of pre-recorded movement practices, meditations, "home exploration", handouts, affirmations, journal prompts, music playlists, resources and references. All of this substantial content is to be accessed at your convenience and is yours to keep forever!

  • (6) 60-90 minute Zoom call meetings that are met once/week at 1:00 p.m (EST) starting March 7th. The Zoom calls are to create a sacred sisterhood as we explore, learn and create together. We will go into deeper detail about each module/lessons for each week. *recordings will be made available for one week after each session*

  1. Sacred Vessel: (March 7th) ​Learn about your pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs and how to strengthen, relax and breathe into this space. *special guest speaker* Veronica Houghton DPT, pelvic floor physiotherapist

  2. Sacred Energy: (March 14th) Learn about the root and sacral chakras and how they relate to the elements of earth and water in your body.

  3. Sacred Emotions: (March 28th) Your emotions are a divine part of you. Learn how to navigate, understand and appreciate the lesson of each one with a solar plexus and body rolling practice.

  4. Sacred Cycles: (April 11th) Our menstrual cycles are divine proof of our ability to create. Even if you are no longer bleeding, you will learn how to tap into this creative space as you ebb and flow with the moon and seasons. *special guest speaker* Jess Grippo

  5. Sacred Sensuality: (April 18th) Sensual flow and dance practices ignite your creative sparks and playful connection to your inner goddess.

  6. Sacred Creativity: (April 25th) This is where the previous weeks coalesce into tangible practices to take you to your most authentically creative self. Movement and meditation practices, journal prompts, affirmations and the jaw and pelvis connection will make up the culmination of your exploration to your Sacred Center.

  • Unlimited and lifetime access to a private Google Classroom where you can create community with your fellow Sacred Center sisters. Trade phone numbers, emails and keep in touch! This work is powerful on a solo journey and even more potent when walking together. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

  • 25% off of your next private session with me. Dive deeper into the exploration of your sacred center.

*sessions can be in person or virtual. one time only discount.*

  • 10% off of your next workshop with me. I value education and want to reward you for continuing yours!

*one time only discount*






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Meet your tour guide

"I didn't know I was lost until 'She' was found."

Hello sister queen, I'm Jessica and I'm so glad your divine feminine intuition has led you here.

The above quote is from a poem I wrote on the cliffs of Big Sur during my 1 month stay at Esalen in 2016.

This was my first (but not my last) invitation to dance with my divine feminine. 

This was my first (but not my last) realization that I am wiser and more divinely connected to the Earth because of my womanhood. 

This was my first (but not my last) introduction to my pelvic floor muscles, menstrual cycles and reproductive organs as guides on my path to deeply appreciating and loving myself. 

The "She" I found was my inner guide, my compasses, my intuition.

The "She" I found reminded me that as a being of nature, I cycle with the seasons and the moon, and as I cycle with my bleeding time; to honor my time of rest and respite.

The "She" I found guided me to my ability to create from sacred sensuality, playful exploration and pleasure over performance.

The "She" I found was in my heart and womb all along... as she is with you.

Since discovering Wild Feminine and Feminine Genius  (amongst many other books and personal guides) I discovered me, I discovered "She".

I learned to love my lady bits. The perfect and the imperfect. I understood and had more grace for my down times and my emotional storms and how to mine for the gem in the dark. I got really quiet and trusted my intuition to step away from a physical therapy job where I was leading with my masculine genius and feeling depleted and drained. I am finally stepping fully into my feminine genius and feeling replenished and renewed in the deep knowing that I am divinely supported when I am in alignment with my womb, heart and mind.

I want to guide you to this place.

To a place of feeling.... all of it. To being with your beauty and shadow side. To listening and trusting your intuition when it comes from the wisdom of your womb. To connecting to your creativity and robustness when you honor the cycling of your bleeding time. To honoring your unique gifts and sharing them with the world because you are so thrilled with yourself and need no one else's approval but your own so you can't help but want to be seen! To the parts of you that make you, well, you.

In this journey that we will take together, we will receive a gift more powerful than anything: the gift of knowing.

As I know myself, I appreciate myself, as I appreciate myself, I respect myself, as I respect myself I love myself, and when I love myself it's easier to love others and receive their love fully.

This is the journey and gift I hope for you.

I am so excited to share this potent, profound and powerful work with you! Do you have more questions about the masterclass or about me and my journey? Are finances holding you back from investing in yourself? I'm here to help and answer and questions so go ahead and click the button below, I'll get back to you within 24 hours to help guide you to the best decision for you. 

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"I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me."

Maya Angelou

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