P R I M A L    V I N Y A S A 


We were all born with an innate sense of our body's ability to move and a knowledge of how to tap into that sense to fully engage with our surrounding environment. 

We didn't have to think about how to roll, squat, crawl and walk, we just DID it!

Yet in our modern world of sitting behind desks, driving cars, wearing ill fitting clothing and scrolling on phones; we lost touch with our inner compass and the ability to freely move.

Primal Vinyasa™️ implements a unique set of skills and drills specifically designed to 

aide in the unlearning of habituated ways of thinking and moving.

It is through this unlearning that we remember our natural ability to move with strength and grace in our yoga practice and beyond.

Contact me for information on how to integrate Primal Vinyasa into your movement practice and life!

"Primal Vinyasa™ encourages students to break free from their habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within their bodies.."

"Movement is your birthright."

-Annie Adamson, founder